Production Pics

Behind the Scenes, Production Sites, Sets, Deleted Scenes

Egad! What a stench!

Mary eating Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel eating wideshot
Sleep tight, no screaming!
No time for snacking!
She did it!
Bette on a teeter rig
Kathy on teeter rig
Omri being rigged for an 'electrifying' scene
Bette and Kathy's puppets
Bette's puppet
Headless Billy
Doug getting his makeup
House interior
Binx composite with wireframe
Salem matte painting
Cat actor on gravestone
Bette on teeter rig for sfx
Graveyard set
Kenny Ortega
Cat actor on Omri's shoulder
Sculpture of Binx's head before being scanned into the computer
Mapping out the animation
Cat actor before replacing his head

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