Production Pics

Behind the Scenes, Production Sites, Sets, Deleted Scenes

old town hall
town hall
Salem Pioneer Village
Ropes Mansion
Allisons House
courtesy of Matteworld Inc.
MatteWorld, Inc.
the fountain that actually resides at the W.B. ranch
1164 Morning Glory Circle
S.J.P. Puppet
Character Shop
Another S.J.P. Puppet shot
Character Shop
SFX breakdown of the capture scene
Puppet sculpture closeup (Bette's)
Puppet sculpture (Bette's)
Bette's puppet getting hair
Kathy's puppet
Kathy's puppet gets dressed
Bette's puppet being sculpted
Bette and Kenny
Bette rehersing
Sarah on a teeter rig
Bette and Kenny
'Air Traffic Control'

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