The Hocus Pocus Trivia Challenge

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1. What do Jay and Ernie steal from Max in the graveyard?
a. His Watch
b. His Wallet
c. His Shoes
d. His Hat
2. How old is Danni?
a. 8
b. 7
c. 10
d. 6
3. For Danni to go to the old Sanderson house, what must Max agree to?
a. To go trick-or-treating the following year as Wendy
b. To give Danni all of his candy
c. To pay Danni $50
d. Going trick-or-treating the following year as Peter Pan
4. According to legend, the bones of how many children were buried within the wall around the old Sanderson estate?
a. 1,000
b. 100
c. 10
d. 10,000
5. Which of the Sanderson sisters owns an irregular broom?
a. Mary Sanderson
b. None of them
c. Sarah Sanderson
d. Winifred Sanderson
6. How many fingers does Billy loose when the motorcycle runs over the manhole cover?
a. 4
b. 3
c. 2
d. 1
7. Why did Winifred poison Billy and sew his mouth shut to begin with?
a. She found him sporting with Mary
b. He dumped her
c. She found him sporting with Sarah
d. He revealed all her secrets to the townsfolk
8. Who originally sang the song "I put a spell on you?"
a. Frank Sinatra
b. Screamin' Jay Hawkins
c. Joe Malone
d. Nobody. It was an original song for the movie
9. After thier brooms were stolen, what did each of the Sanderson sisters fly on?
a. Winnie-broom Mary-vaccuum Sarah-broom
b. Winnie-vaccuum Mary-broom Sarah-mop
c. Winnie-mop Mary-vaccuum Sarah-broom
d. Winnie-broom Mary-vaccuum Sarah-mop
10. In what order did the Sanderson sisters turn to dust?
a. Winifred,Mary,Sarah
b. Mary,Sarah,Winifred
c. Sarah,Mary,Winifred
d. Sarah,Winifred,Mary

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